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If you don’t know what a prostate massage in Kolkata is or are looking for a little more info then you have arrived at the right place. Simply put a prostate massage involves stimulation of your prostate gland, often called the "P-SPOT", using a variety of techniques and ultimately this will lead to literally mind bowing orgasms. It’s a little know fact that the prostate gland provides the most intense orgasms that a man can experience with very little effort.

In most cases the orgasms achieved are a lot stronger than the usual ones you would experience, are longer lasting and in many cases happen multiple times… but don’t think this is completely about pleasure, it’s also very good for your sexual and physical health. A Regular prostate massage reduced the risks of several very serious conditions such as prostatitis, cancer of the prostate, overall pain in the genital area, it improves blood flow and circulation to the penis and groin area as well as iKolkataeasing the amount of seminal fluid that can be produced.

Essentially as well as giving you mind blowing orgasms our prostate massage Kolkata service will empty out all the semen that gets left behind in your prostate that causes it to enlarge and swell and creates issues, leaving you healthier and definitely more relaxed. Our advice to you is take the plunge guys, just relax and let the masseuse do her job – you will not be disappointed, you’ll be stunned at how much you enjoyed it.

Once you’re chosen masseuse arrives she will obviously introduce her and start to get the area prepared for the massage, this will either be a comfy area on the floor or on a bed. You will be asked to strip all your clothes off and will be given a towel to cover yourself for the start of the massage session. The masseuse will also be partly or completely naked depending on your wishes and will start by giving you a totally relaxing full body massage using oils, slowly working away all of your tension and iKolkataeasing your libido.

Once you are completely relaxed the massage will become more arousing with focus being placed on sensitive areas the masseuse found during the first part of the massage along with your genital area as the prostate can be initially massaged from the outside of your body raising the sensitivity you experience. When you are ready the masseuse will slowly start the process of massaging your prostate by using her finger inside your anus to rub your prostate back and forth, our masseuses will take their questions from you and will go as slowly as needed so that you are comfortable, this stops there from being any pain caused by unexpected sensations.

Once you are comfortable the masseuse will massage your prostate until she is “milking it” while providing massage to your groin area to assist which will cause the most intense, drawn out and satisfying orgasm you have ever experienced… we’re really not even kidding a little bit about this and many men often repeat during the prostate massage. Our sexy masseuses will leave you totally relaxed and satisfied and glad that you decided to give our prostate massage Kolkata service a try. You will be booking more we promise you.